Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)

University of Mississippi

Academic Advisors

For most Health Professions, any academic major is acceptable, as long as the course requirements for professional schools are successfully completed.  Click on the “Health Professions” tile of this webpage to see a list of health professions and information about each profession, including a list of UM courses that are required.  Different professional schools may have slightly different requirements for courses.  However, the curriculum sheets for specific health professions on this web site are a general and useful guide.

Admission to ALL the health professions is competitive, and students should be encouraged to investigate the range of professions as early as possible by visiting  There is no single pathway for entering any health profession, so encourage your advisees to take advantage of the information and programs that we offer.

Advising Staff

Dr. Wayne Gray, Director  |

Advises medicine. Students must receive a BA or a BS before entering medical school.

Mr. Sovent Taylor, Assistant Director  |
Advises occupational therapy, physical therapy, dentistry, physician’s assistant, veterinary medicine, and optometry. Students must have a BA or a BS degree to enter into the previous health professions with the exception of Occupational Therapy. OT students can choose a 2+ pathway or to receive a BA or BS followed by the professional program.

Mrs. Kelli Hutchens, Academic Advisor  |
Advises dental hygiene, medical technology, radiologic sciences, medical laboratory science, cytotechnology, health informatics and information management. These program are considered 2+ or 3+ programs where a student can enter into the professional school after 2 or 3 years of coursework, but students can also receive a different bachelor’s degree and enter one of the above professional programs.

Encourage students to make an appointment online with a Health Professions advisor by clicking on the “Advising Sessions” link and choosing the appropriate advisor.

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