Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)

University of Mississippi

Apply to a Program in the Health Professions

Different Health Professions – even different schools – have different requirements for applications.  You should familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of every program and school where you intend to apply.

Here is some important information about application to a health professional program:

  • Health professions have an application cycle – a specific time of year that you can apply.  Different professions have different application cycles.  Learn about the specific of your application and pencil in these application requirements on your calendar.  You should submit your application early in the cycle – not at the deadline!
  •  Most health professions require applicants to have experience in the field.  You should be able to document your experiences, and prove to the admissions committee that you already have some basic knowledge of your chosen profession.  Many applications require you to list names, contact information, dates, and specifics of experiences!
  • Most health professions require you to take an exam, such as the MCAT, DAT, GRE, OAT, ACT, etc.   Schedule your exam only after you have prepared!
  • You will need letters of evaluation to submit with your application.  These letters should be written by faculty and others who can evaluate your personal characteristics and qualities, such as empathy, critical thinking, and maturity.  Find out what your professional schools require and develop those relationships.  Choose evaluators who really know you and can write about more than just the grade you received in the course, which is available on your transcript.  We do not have a Pre-Professional Advising committee at UM, so we do not offer a composite letter.  The HPAO can help to provide specific details to you evaluators, when the time comes for you to get those letters.
  • You may be required to document your leadership and community service, as these are evidence of important personal traits that many professions require.  If needed, you must document your experiences with details such as names, contact information, dates, and specific duties and experiences.

Tools to help you apply: