Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)

University of Mississippi


Your undergraduate grade point average (GPA) is usually an important part of your application to programs in the health professions, although different health professions use the GPA in different ways.  For example, most nursing schools are interested in your cumulative GPA, which is reported on your transcript.   Most medical and dental schools will look at both your cumulative GPA and your Math & Science GPA, or BCPM.  You should research how your grades will influence your application to your chosen health profession.



Besides your cumulative GPA, most medical and dental schools are also interested in your Math & Science GPA, or BCPM, which includes only courses taken in the departments of Biology (BISC), Chemistry (CHEM), Physics (PHYS) and Math (MATH).  If you repeat Math & Science courses and take advantage of the Forgiveness Policy, all attempts will be included in the calculation of your BCPM.

The HPAO has a calculator that you can download, enter your grades, and maintain on your own computer to keep track of this important metric: BCPM Calculator


Forgiveness Policy

The University of Mississippi has a policy that allows you to repeat a class and substitute a higher grade for calculating your cumulative GPA.  Sometimes erroneously called “Freshman Forgiveness”, this policy can be used at any point in your undergraduate career.  In calculating the BCPM, however, grades from all attempts at Math & Science courses will be included.  To understand how to use the Forgiveness Policy, click here.


Are you concerned about your GPA and wonder how to improve it?

The University of Mississippi has a GPA calculator that will determine how many hours and what grades you need to reach a target GPA: GPA Calculator.