Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)
University of Mississippi

Elizabeth Swindell

Pre-physician assistant student from Frisco, TXphoto of Elizabeth Swindell


Why did you decide to pursue this health profession?  I decided to pursue becoming a PA because I loved the versatility and flexibility that come with this profession! I don’t know what specialty I want to pursue, and the PA profession allows me to test out different specialties! 

What is your major and why did you choose it?  I chose nutrition and dietetics because I wanted something that had a science base but was more specific. Nutrition is applicable to everyone and it has positively affected the way I look at food and dieting! 

How has the HPAO helped you?  HPAO has helped me in so many ways but the biggest way is by helping me to create a checklist of what I will need to complete prior to applying to PA school. I am very task oriented and the list that Kelly helped me to make has made the process of becoming a PA seem much more feasible and also made it enjoyable. 

What is your most memorable experience working with HPAO?  My most memorable experience working with HPAO is all the amazing other health professions majors I have met! They help to keep me focused and excited about my future career! 

What is your favorite meal in Oxford?  My favorite meal in Oxford is anything from Saint Leo’s.

What are you happiest doing when you are not studying? When I am not studying or working, I love to play sudoku and watch Real Housewives!