Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)

University of Mississippi

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Although there are many different kinds of health professionals, they all share two important things:

  • a desire to help people
  • a willingness to continue education every day of their life!

The Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO) at the University of Mississippi embodies the spirit of those driving passions for health professionals.  A the only full-service office of its kind in the state of Mississippi, our mission is to counsel all UM health professions students on available opportunities for a health care career, and advise students toward a competitive application.  We take your aspirations and help you to become the best!

Our office was recently ranked #3 in nation by Science Times. Why?
We start with great students working with extraordinary faculty.

Then our four, full-time staff members pour on the programs, activities, and resources to help our students.

  • Year-round personal advising tailored toward your health profession.
  • Health professions sections of the university’s freshman orientation course.
  • Free tutoring in select health professions courses.
  • Locating shadowing opportunities.
  • Programs and activities, such as guest speakers from professional schools, connecting you with working alumni, trips to health professional campuses, service projects, health-related clinics, etc.
  • Cultivating our own personal connections with professional schools to assist our student applications.
  • Assistance with your application process.
  • Dedicated class for medical school application preparation
  • Assistance with writing personal statement
  • Mock interview practice
  • Assistance with your entrance exams.
  • Free test prep materials.
  • Placement in intensive summer prep programs across the country, from Columbia University in New York City to the University of California, Los Angeles.
  • MCAT special coaching sessions that include a simulation of the seven-hour MCAT exam, so students can experience the test environment.

HPAO success is shown by scores on entrance exams and acceptance rates, because your success is our success.

Our students’ scores on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) have always been high, but this year they are the highest they’ve ever been.

UM CLASS OF 2021 MCAT Scores

Two students: 100th percentile

Sixteen students: Above 90th percentile

Our pre-health students are highly competitive applicants, who’ve gained entrance to top-ranked health professional schools.

For example, our acceptance rate to medical school tops the national average.

  • UM average acceptance is 56% acceptance (44% nationally)
  • For the students who engage with the HPAO office 5 times or more, their acceptance rate is 78% for medical school. A similar statistic for dental school is 91% acceptance rate!

A sampling of the class of 2020’s acceptances to healthcare programs

  • Auburn University
    Auburn University’s Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Emory University
    Emory University School of Medicine, Nursing Master’s Program
  • Johns Hopkins University
    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • University of Alabama
    University of Alabama School of Optometry
  • University of California San Francisco
    University of California at San Francisco School of Dentistry
  • University of Colorado
    University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine
  • University of Louisville
    University of Louisville School of Dentistry
  • University of Mississippi
    University of Mississippi Medical Center, School of Medicine
  • University of Pennsylvania
    University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
    University of Pennsylvania, Sidney Kimmel Medical College
  • University of Texas
    University of Texas School of Medicine
  • Tulane University
    Tulane University School of Medicine
  • Vanderbilt University
    Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Dr. Sovent Taylor
We invite you to learn more about HPAO services and connect with us. It’s never too early to start your journey towards a health profession. Please contact us at: (662) 915-1674.

Dr. Sovent Taylor, Ed.D.

Director of Health Professions Advising Office