Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)
University of Mississippi

Matthew Hartzog

Pre-NursingMatthew Hartzog Student from Brandon, MS


Why did you decide to pursue this health profession? I wanted to do something in my life’s career that is challenging, interesting, ever changing, and that also makes a difference in people’s lives daily in a positive way.

What is your major and why did you choose it? Communication Sciences and Disorders, I chose this major because I am interested in audiology as well as Sign language.

How has the HPAO helped you? The HPAO has helped me through some of the hardest experiences in college. They helped me adapt to the rigor of university level classes, make connections, and also be there when Im having a bad day.

What is your most memorable experience working with the HPAO? My most memorable experience working with the HPAO is when Mrs. Yakmika told me sitting there doing nothing but sulking was not going to help my grade or help me change it.

What are your career goals? My career goal is to achieve my doctorate in Nursing and after working as a floor nurse for a few years go into hospital administration. I eventually aspire to be a Chief Nursing Officer of a large hospital.

What is your favorite meal in Oxford? Rice and Spice Thai Fried rice level 4 is my favorite meal in Oxford.

What are you happiest doing when not working or studying? I am happiest hanging out with my friends outside somewhere just getting to relax and forget about school for a few hours.