Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)
University of Mississippi

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)

Join the AMWA Undergraduate Student Division to work alongside other students, physicians, scientists, and leaders in medicine to advocate for the needs and rights of women in healthcare and female patients. Membership benefits include scholarship opportunities, mentoring by medical students and physicians, resources for learning more about medical school and life in the healthcare profession, and leadership opportunities. Members have the opportunity to meet and work with leaders in medicine who can offer priceless advice and serve as invaluable resources for not just the rest of your education, but for a lifetime.

Congratulations to our new AMWA Officers for 2023-2024

President — Emilee Ly

Vice President — Jenna Villiger

Treasurer — Makenzie Havard

Secretary — Breanna Williamson

Sergeant-At-Arms: Elizabeth Kirby

Recruitment Director: Reese Carwile

Programming Coordinating: Anna Katherine Herrington

Social Media & Public Relations: Bailey Beaird

Advisor: Christin Semko

If you would like to join AMWA, please follow this link to their website to obtain your National Membership with AMWA.

Below are specific directions in order to help you join AMWA:

After clicking on the link above and registering an account with AMWA, continue through the menu to join National AMWA. You will then be prompted to pay national dues. Once you have completed this process, log on to the Ole Miss ForUM page and search AMWA. Click request membership, and our executive team will add you to the roster. This will guarantee that you will receive the latest updates on volunteer service and meeting times. Be sure to check out our instagram page (olemiss.amwa) for additional information and reminders on meeting dates! Feel free to contact Emilee Ly ( with any questions.

The organizations goals for the Fall semester:

  • Organize volunteer shifts to assist pregnant women with their medical and emotional needs at the Oxford Pregnancy Center.
  • Host fundraising events, such as charity walks, bake sales, and online campaigns, to raise funds for women-focused nonprofits.
  • Facilitating Women in Medicine Networking by Arranging networking events and panel discussions featuring successful women in various medical fields.
  • Host regular meet-ups and social events to foster connections among female students pursuing medical careers.
  • Provide a platform for students to share experiences, advice, and challenges related to their medical journeys.
  • Guiding Women Through Pre-Health Careers by Offering workshops and informational sessions on preparing for medical school and other health-related educational paths.
  • Provide resources, study groups, and guidance to help members excel academically.
  • Creating a Supportive Community by Establishing a safe space where members can openly discuss their concerns, aspirations, and experiences as women in medicine.
  • Compile and distribute a comprehensive guide to campus resources related to healthcare education, scholarships, research opportunities, and more.
  • Connect members with academic advisors, career services, and other campus resources to enhance their medical journey.
  • Forge partnerships with other student organizations, medical institutions, and community groups to amplify the impact of your initiatives.
  • Collaborate on projects and events that align with AMWA’s mission and goals.
  • Provide resources and workshops on interview skills, CV building, and effective communication for medical professionals.
  • Invite guest speakers to share insights into career pathways, research opportunities, and specialization options.