Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)

University of Mississippi

High School Students

How to Prepare in High School
Your high school career can help prepare you for your classes in a college setting.


You may want to consider taking more science and math courses to help prepare you for classes you will encounter required for a health related profession. Get in the habit of studying and preparing for your classes as this is imperative when you come to college. Health related professional school are VERY COMPETITIVE! Learn to study in high school and learn what works for you so that once you are in college you will be ready for your classes, especially your science and math courses.


This is very important because it will help you with your classes and standardized tests. In college, may tests are multiple choice and reading helps prepare you for these types of tests. You can read anything!

Keep a journal!

Write down all your activities, all community service, and more. Get in the habit of writing down all the things you do and all the awards you may receive. When you apply to health related professional programs all these things will be asked and are important, so get in the habit now and continue keeping a journal in your college career.

Get involved!

Be involved in your community, volunteer, join an organization. These are all important aspects that you will want to have on your resume. Health related professional programs desire students who have great grades but are also involved on campus and in their community. Start being involved in high school and it will make your transition to being involved in college easier.

Additional Information

Visiting the University of Mississippi in Oxford campus
If you wish to plan a visit to the University of Mississippi in Oxford, please sign up for a visit by clicking visit campus. If you wish to talk with a health professions advisor you must make a special request through the Office of Admissions, or 662-915-7564.