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Medical Technology

**Please note: The Medical Technology is not fully completed on the Oxford campus. The final year (12 months August to August) of the program takes place in Tupelo, MS at North Mississippi Medical Center (NMMC). Admission to this final phase of the program is competitive. They take 12 students per year and prioritize Mississippi residents in application review.

About the Profession:
A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Medical Technology trains students to become a Medical Laboratory Scientist who works in a clinical laboratory setting performing and/or supervising the performance of analytical testing of blood, body fluids, urine, and other types of biological specimens. Medical Laboratory Scientists work with bacteria and viruses, and help prepare units of blood for transfusion. They may help diagnose bleeding disorders and perform toxicology screens. Medical laboratory professionals utilize critical thinking skills and a high degree of subjective judgment in performing, evaluating, and troubleshooting laboratory data.

Medical Technology Program at the North Mississippi Regional Medical Center

***Below is an overview of medical technology programs in Tupelo, MS. Students who attend the University of Mississippi in Oxford for their pre-requisites are not automatically admitted to the medical technology program in Tupelo. Admission is COMPETITIVE! Different medical technology/medical laboratory science programs have different requirements.***

The medical technology program was established in 1957 when North Mississippi Medical Center (NMMC) was a 100-bed hospital. Designed in 1956, the initial program was approved for six students per year, and the main goal was to supply qualified medical technologists for North Mississippi Medical Center (NMMC). As the hospital grew into a major medical center, the need for medical technologists increased. Presently, the program accepts up to 12 students per year.

Students interested in the B.S. in Medical Technology degree will spend three years completing pre-requisite courses at the Oxford campus. During the fall of their third year or when their prerequisites are near competition, they will apply to the NMMC program in Tupelo (applications are accepted from August to mid-December). Admitted students then finish the bachelor of science degree in Tupelo, Mississippi at NMMC. Some students will spend more than three years finishing the required pre-requisite courses in Oxford before qualifying to apply or be admitted to the NMMC program. Some choose to get a Bachelor’s degree from University of Mississippi before moving onto the medical laboratory science 12-months program in Tupelo.

Link to the Med Tech program at NMRMC in Tupelo, MS.

Program Advising Sheet for Medical Technology
Click that follows the curriculum from North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, Mississippi.

*Different Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science programs may have different requirements! *

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