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University of Mississippi

American Medical Student Association

AMSA – American Medical Student Association Core Purpose is to inspire a community of future physicians through education and advocacy.

As the nation’s oldest and largest independent association of future physicians, AMSA is a student‐governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of all physicians‐in‐training.

Congratulations to our new AMSA officers for 2019-2020!

President:  Katrina Gateley

Vice President:  Cooper Ruwe

Secretary:  Luke Nguyen

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Walter Simpson

Treasurer:  Alexander Oliveri

Programming Coordinator:   Andrew Ladner

Recruitment Coordinator:  Justin Cantrelle

Public Relations Chair:  Anna Conner

Advocacy Coordinator:  Reece Crumpler

Advisor:  Kelli Hutchens

If you would like to join AMSA, please follow this link to their website to obtain your National membership with AMSA.  Connect with AMSA!

Below are specific directions in order to help you join AMSA:

After clicking on the link to, Select the “Join AMSA” link in the top right of the webpage.  Select “Join AMSA” on the right of the next webpage, and fill out the form in order to register an account with  After registering an account for, continue through the menu to join National AMSA and  your local chapter (University of Mississippi Pre-medical Chapter).  After successfully registering for both the National and University of Mississippi Pre-Medical chapter, you will be prompted to pay National dues.  Once you have completed this process and have received an AMSA ID (ie: 554334), please contact our chapter’s Recruitment Coordinator, Jessica Crump at, with your name and AMSA ID.  This will guarantee that we will have you on our roster, and it will also guarantee that you will receive the latest updates on volunteer service and meeting times.  Our Recruitment Coordinator will be glad to assist you through any part of the registration process. ”

Spring 2020 Meeting Dates:

Location:  Lamar 131

Time:  6:00 P.M.