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**Please note: You cannot graduate from the University of Mississippi Oxford Campus with a Histotechnology degree.

About Histotechnology

A histotechnologist is a health care professional that processes and prepares human and animal tissues to be observed by various forms of microscopy. Following proper tissue preparation, a histotechnologist stains tissue for routine and special identification of bacteria, fungi, cancer, and tissue structure abnormalities for pathological diagnosis. This curriculum is based on the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Histotechnology (BSHTL) at University of Mississippi Medical College (UMMC). Incoming freshmen with an ACT Math subscore below 25 will be able to finish the pre-requisites on the Oxford campus in three academic years or, sometimes 2 years plus a summer (see back side). Students apply in their sophomore year (typical deadline is mid-February, spring semester of sophomore year) for admission. Students must have at least 12 hours of required science courses COMPLETED by application deadline to be considered for admission. See other admission requirements on the back.

During the second year on the Oxford campus (or when most prerequisites are complete), students apply and are reviewed and interviewed (for qualified applicants) by UMMC. For those who are admitted, the second phase of the program takes place on the UMMC campus in Jackson and consists of 2 years (5 semesters) of formal didactic and clinical education. Class size is limited and acceptance into the program is on a competitive basis.

Histotechnology  Program at University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Health Related Professions

***Below is an overview of histotechnology programs in Jackson, MS. Students who attend the University of Mississippi in Oxford for their pre-requisites are not automatically admitted to the dental histotechnology program in Jackson. Admission is COMPETITIVE! Different histotechnology schools have different requirements.***

The traditional program is an entry-level program for students who want to obtain a histotechnology license (a 2+2 program). Upon completion of the two-year traditional program, students receive a bachelor’s of science degree and are prepared to apply for and obtain their HTL (ASCP) national certification exam to become certified as a histotechnologist.

Students will complete two years of pre-requisite courses at the Oxford campus before finishing their degree (2 years) in Jackson, MS at UMMC. Some students may take three years to finish the pre-requisites. The program is competitive and students must apply for admission for the final two years in Jackson.

Here is the link to the program in Jackson, Mississippi.