Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)
University of Mississippi


microscoptic image of a cellAt the University of Mississippi, we consider this as a 2+2 program.  This program is not completed at the UM-Oxford campus.   Traditionally, UM students complete two years of coursework then apply to the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s Bachelor of Science in Histotechnology program in Jackson, MS.  Acceptance to the final two years of this program is competitive and class size is limited.  

While at UM, you will be enrolled in the Allied Health Studies major and be assigned an academic counselor who will ensure that you have the pre-requisite courses needed to be able to apply to a school of your choice.  Pre-requisite requirements are determined by your histotechnology schools of interest.  Our office not only keeps students on track with pre-requisites, we provide tutoring, application assistance, mock interviews to help prepare for the actual interview, and help with locating schools based on the student’s criteria. 


close-up image of test tubes with an image of the DNA strands insideAbout Histotechnology 

histotechnologist is a health care professional that processes and prepares human and animal tissues to be observed by various forms of microscopy.  Following proper tissue preparation, a  histotechnologist stains tissue for routine and special identification of bacteria, fungi, cancer, and tissue structure abnormalities for pathological diagnosis.  


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