Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)
University of Mississippi

Isabelle Foss

Pre-Physical Therapy Student from Allen, TX

Why did you decide to pursue this health profession? I decided to pursue physical therapy because I want to help people by assisting them in exercises that will help improve how they function and relieve their pain. As a young girl, I played lots of sports and often ended up in physical therapy. I loved the way that my physical therapists encouraged me to get better and always felt very personable to not just me, but all their patients.

Major: Exercise Science

Why did you choose this major? I’m majoring in Exercise Science, and I chose it because it has the majority of the pre-requisites I need to apply to Physical Therapy school. It also has a lot of interesting hands on learning classes that are really enjoyable.

How has HPAO helped you on your pre-health journey? Specificaly my HPAO advisor, Meredith Pyle, has helped me so much on this pre-physical therapy track journey. She started off as my EDHE teacher and guided me through my freshman year, teaching me how to manage my time while getting involved. As a sophmore she helped me find a job as a Physical Therapy tech and help me through the struggles of figuring out my class schedule. Lastly she is genuinely so personable and a great person to talk to about anything.

What is your most memorable HPAO experience?

What are your career goals? I hope to get my doctorate in Physical Therapy. As of right now I think that working with all kinds of patients are very interesting and I don’t know if I want to specilaze to one population such as athletes or the elderly. I do know that my dream is to own my own Physical Therapy practice and to hopefully be involved in the continuous research of new physical therapy practice plans for rehabilitation.

What are you the happiest doing? I love going on walks with my friends and just talking about life.

What is your favorite study spot? The floor in between the second and third floor in the library.

What is your favorite meal in Oxford? Anything from Volta!