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Medical Laboratory Science

**Please note: You cannot graduate from the University of Mississippi Oxford Campus with a Medical Laboratory Science degree.

About the profession of Medical Laboratory Science
The medical laboratory scientist (MLS) is a highly skilled scientist who functions in multiple roles.

Some of these roles include performing and evaluating diagnostic laboratory procedures on body fluids, developing new diagnostic procedures, supervising biomedical research projects, providing technical expertise, consulting, managing clinical and research laboratory departments, and analyzing and implementing laboratory information systems. The major areas of interest in laboratory science are hematology, immunohematology (transfusion medicine), clinical microbiology, clinical chemistry, clinical immunology, body fluid analysis and molecular diagnostics.

Medical Laboratory Science at the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Health Related Professions

***Below is an overview of medical laboratory science programs in Jackson, MS. Students who attend the University of Mississippi in Oxford for their pre-requisites are not automatically admitted to the medical laboratory science program in Jackson. Admission is COMPETITIVE! Different medical laboratory science schools have different requirements.***

Medical Laboratory Science is formally known as Clinical Laboratory Science.

The MLS programs is a 2+2 program and students will spend two years of pre-requisite courses on the Oxford campus before moving to UMMC in Jackson, MS. Some students may take three years to finish the pre-requisite courses.  The program on the UMMC campus is five semesters in length and are designed to provide students with broad-based knowledge in clinical and basic sciences. The program offers a unique blend of coursework combined with clinical instruction in hospital laboratories.

In February 1956, the Medical Technology program was approved by the Trustee Board for the State Institutions for Higher Learning (IHL). Originally, the program initiated as a certificate program in the clinical laboratory of the University Hospital.

In October 1957, the program received accreditation, and the first class graduated in November 1957. The program received its last accreditation in September 2010 for the maximum awarded duration that is allowed.

The program was incorporated into the School of Health Related Professions as the Department of Medical Technology in 1977. At this time, the program curriculum was redesigned and received approval as a 2+2 baccalaureate program. Due to the demands of working professionals, a new curriculum was developed in 1991, which included an Advanced Standing (AS) program for CLT/MLTs. The AS program’s name was changed to the Progression Program in 2011 to better reflect the transition of a CLT to MLS.

As one can see, the MLS program has evolved over the years as the demand for generalists and specialists in the medical laboratory profession has grown. The faculty has transitioned as well and is proud to provide the education that lays the foundation for future leaders in the medical laboratory sciences.

Here is the link for the MLS program on the UMMC campus in Jackson, MS.

Program Advising Sheet
Click here to view the curriculum sheet for the Medical Laboratory Science program at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi.

*Different MLS programs may have different requirements!*

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