Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)
University of Mississippi

Anna Katherine Pitts

Pre-Physical Therapy Student from Birmingham, AL

Why did you decide to pursue this health profession? I knew I wanted to work in the medical field, but it took watching my mom undergo PT in her breast cancer recovery process, before I realized physical therapy was what I truly wanted to do. PT was life changing to her healing, and I hope to be a career that impactful.

Major: Exercise Science

Why did you choose this major? I am studying exercise science because it is the most beneficial major for somebody on the pre-PT track like myself. I am learning about the science of movement and how people can live healthier lives through exercise and proper nutrition. My favorite class has been anatomy and physiology.

How has HPAO helped you on your pre-health journey? HPAO has helped me navigate Ole Miss with the goal of becoming a future physical therapist. It has been one of my greatest resources with questions about school courses, shadowing opportunities, applications, and everything in between.

What is your most memorable HPAO experience? My favorite memory with HPAO was when I worked Mississippi Day and had the opportunity to talk with future Ole Miss students. I was able to answer questions about being a pre-health professional and the upcoming school year. I was humbled to share my personal experience and excited to talk about HPAO’s opportunities to succeed and achieve.

What are your career goals? I hope to be a physical therapist in Birmingham, Alabama.

What are you the happiest doing? I am happiest when I am walking around Ole Miss’s beautiful campus.

What is your favorite study spot? 3rd floor of the JD Williams library.

What is your favorite meal in Oxford? Shrimp and grits from City Grocery