Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)
University of Mississippi

Trenton Maner

Pre-Physician Assistant student from Brooksville, FL


Why did you decide to pursue this health profession? I feel like going to work as a physician, more so a surgeon is the most interesting job on the planet!

Major: B.A Allied Health Studies

Why did you choose this major? I get to learn multiple subjects while also completing pre-requisites, and I love my advisors in HPAO that help me along the way.

How has HPAO helped you on your pre-health journey? I’ve gone in lost when deciding on courses or setting up my schedule and they have helped me create the best schedule for me each semester.

What is your most memorable HPAO experience? Dr Taylor giving me the motivation I need!

What are your career goals? To own a Orthopedics and Sports Medicine practice one day.

What are you the happiest doing? Playing golf with friends

What is your favorite study spot? Second floor library study room

What is your favorite meal in Oxford? Shrimp and grits from Bouré