Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)

University of Mississippi
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    HPAO Ambassadors
    These students were selected and trained to represent our office to current and prospective health professions students.
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    Spreading The Word About Health Professions!
    HPAO Ambasssadors inform prospective students about Pre-Health Programs at February Browse Fair.
    David Langford, Senior Chemical Engineering Major
    Having recently received his 5th acceptance into dental school, he plans to attend Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.
    Ali McGee 4
    Ali McGee, Senior Exercise Science Major
    Having recently received her second acceptance, she plans to attend Wash U's Program in Physical Therapy.
    Upward Bound
    Upward Bound
    Marcus Daniels is all smiles as he prepares to leave Ole Miss to attend Johns Hopkins Medical School.
    Sovent Taylor is the Health Professions Advising Office Assistant Director.
    He advises students interested in occupational therapy, physical therapy, dentistry, physician’s assistant, veterinary medicine, and optometry.
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    Dr. Hannah Gay, M.D.
    The University of Mississippi Medical Center pediatrician speaks with potential medical school students.
    Accepted Medical School Students Panel Discussion.
    A group of Ole Miss seniors, accepted into medical schools across the country, speak with an audience of medical school hopefuls.
    Sherman 3
    Sherman Jones, Senior Chemical Engineering Major
    Having recently received his 6th acceptance into medical school, he will most likely attend Emory University School of Medicine.
    Ben and Sovent 1
    Ben Killen, Senior Exercise Science Major
    Having recently received his second acceptance, he plans to attend UMMC's Program in Physical Therapy.
    MCAT Give-A-Way
    MCAT Give-A-Way
    A group of Pre-Med Juniors and Seniors receive a free MCAT prep course.
    Khalid and Sherman 2
    May the Force Be With You!
    Khalid Manzoul and Sherman Jones, Pre-Med Students, attend a Star Wars themed Engineering Formal.

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