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Occupational Therapy

**Please note: You cannot graduate from the University of Mississippi Oxford Campus with an Occupational Therapy degree.

An occupational therapist (OT) is a health professional concerned with restoration and maintenance of function following disease or injury.  Specifically, occupational therapists are concerned mainly with finer motor control and its functioning in daily at-home activities.  An OT may work with a variety of patients, such as stroke victims, amputees, spinal cord or head injury patients and developmentally disabled children.

Occupational Therapists should see a continual increase in employment due to the longer life span than in previous years.  OTs work in many settings such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, private practice, home health, and psychiatric hospitals.

Program Advising Sheet
Click here for the most recent curriculum sheet for Occupational Therapy at University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

*Other occupational therapy programs may have different requirements!*

***OT schools are COMPETITIVE! It is the students responsibility to find the requirements of the school they are interested in applying to, contacting the school of their choice, and talking about the requirements with their advisor. OT schools vary- some require a bachelor’s degree and some do not! Make sure you do your research!***

Occupational Therapy at University of Mississippi Medical Center
The Occupational Therapy Doctorate program at UMMC three-year program.  Students will earn a 4-year degree on the Oxford campus while completing their pre-requisite courses and then apply to any OT program in Jackson where they will spend three years before obtaining a doctoral degree.

Here is the link for the OT program at the UMMC campus:

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Research careers in OT:

Many OT schools participate in a centralized application service. Click here for a list of participating programs.